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Hajer Karoui

Hajer is a programming enthusiast who thoroughly enjoys teaching undergraduate students and kids. She marvels at how computer programming can touch real lives and be applied in various fields. She strongly believes that computer programming is a life-changing skill that can take you anywhere you want. Mentoring and teaching have been one of her main pursuits for the past 5 years. After completing her Computer Science degree in the USA, she worked as a cybersecurity consultant, before moving to London to pursue her Masters in Neuroscience at Imperial College London. She taught undergraduate students as well as kids and found the experiences to be very enriching on many levels.

Stan Osipenko

Stan is a programming fanatic who happens to be a great teacher too! He has been teaching at codelab (Imperial College) last two years and thoroughly enjoys developing video games and creating automation tools. He created over 50 video games since his teenage years.
He strongly believes that with hard work anyone can become a great programmer!

Fahad Sheikh

Fahad is a Senior Software Engineer with many years of commercial experience in developing Software using multiple languages. He is passionate about computer and technology and loves to share and instil this passion whenever he gets the opportunity. He is also an avid gamer and loves watching Sci-Fi.

Madhusudhan Konda

Madhusudhan Konda is a passionate technologist and a lifelong tech learner who loves distilling complex problems into simpler solutions and experimenting with newer programming languages and shiny frameworks. With more than 20 years of programming experience, Madhusudhan has held roles such as solution architect, development lead, lead developer, and others. He enjoys teaching technology, authoring technical books and training. He’s written well-received books and produced video courses on Java, Spring, and the Hibernate ecosystem.