Hiring Unpaid Interns

We love training up young minds! We are on-boarding interns this summer for experiencing the real world projects. You will be allocated to exciting software development projects.

If you are either in final year of degree (preferably Computer Sciences degree) or completed your degree and looking for a job, feel free to get in touch with us. You will be part of exciting web/app development projects.

What do you learn?

There are two learning paths we have here at ChocolateMinds – Web/App Developer and NodeJS/Firebase Developer

There’s a lot to learn here, the fundamental career path is to become a web/app developer. If you are already a web/app developer, you may be put on backend developer (NodeJS).

Learning Paths

You will be assigned to Web projects where you may learn HTML, CSS and WordPress as well as JavaScript. Once you gathered JavaScript and call your self beginner-to-intermediate JS developer, the next step is to expose you to web frameworks such as Angular and Bootstrap. Finally you will be learning Ionic framework which is based on Angular framework.

By the end of this learning path, we start developing beautiful Apps using Ionic Framework and Frontends using Angular Framework.

The next step is to on board you on to NodeJS/Firebase learning path. Here you will not only learn building backend code using NodeJS (which is based on JavaScript, btw), but you will be exposed to various other tools and frameworks such as Firebase/Firestore, Google Cloud Functions, Cloud Messaging and others.

What do you have?

We look for drive and ambition in you – and learner’s fire! If you are unfortunately turned out to be pretty lazy, we may have to terminate your course training.

What do you get?

Intangible experience, we think! You will ideally would have garnered enough experience to go out into the real world with a bit of confidence and smile!

Last points..

Please note, as we are a budding company, these are unpaid internships.

Also note, due to limited capacity, there are only few places available, which will be selected based on your attitude and drive.

Ready, fill out the form then:

Please fill out the following form, and wait for us to reach out to you. Please do note we may not be able to respond to each and every application, although we do try our best!